Friday, February 11, 2011

Watch The Green Hornet 2011 English Movie

 Watched the green hornet movie online from the site. Enjoyed seeing the comedy movie thoroughly. Although most of the scenes in the movie was kind of pretty old and unbelievable but it was very much entertaining to watch.

The quality of the movie was good and it had a good audio so could watch & enjoy the movie without having any subtitles. But if you guys are not able to follow the dialogue in the film you can get the subtitle for the movie from the subscene site link here.

The film revolves around 2 guys who act as villains themselves to do good deeds. I think they have created a story based on a james bond movie by reversing the story line. If you are planning to watch with family it will be a good movie to see.

If you would love to see the film, follow this link

Watch The Green Hornet 2011 English Movie Videobb in HD
Watch The Green Hornet Movie Online for free
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